Traditional (Bachelors) Pathways

Step 1: Get Trained

While in college, you’ll apply to your university’s School of Ed or declare an Education major. You’ll take education courses and will eventually student teach with a veteran teacher. Alternatively, you may opt to do a “Residency,” and get paid while student teaching, if you commit to working in the district after you graduate.

Step 2: Get a NM Teaching License

During college, you should begin looking into licensure requirements. Depending on the type of license you plan to get, you may need to take Praxis exams and/or complete a portfolio. (These requirements can change, so check the state’s website!). You will apply for your teaching license after you pass your tests and/or portfolio and after you graduate.

Step 3: Get a Teaching Job

You will likely start looking for jobs before you graduate and/or apply for your teaching license. Many colleges of education have job fairs and relationships with local districts. You can also do direct outreach and look on school and district job boards. A school may hire you conditionally, until you are officially awarded your teaching license.

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