Grants and Scholarships

State and Federal Funding Available to Educators

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

If you are changing careers and require training in order to do so, you may be able to access needs-based WIOA Funding for training-related costs.

Grow Your Own Teachers Act

If you are a New Mexico resident who has been accepted into an Approved Licensure Program and you demonstrate financial need via FAFSA, you may qualify for this funding. Funds are dispersed through teacher prep programs.

Teacher Preparation Affordability Scholarship Program

If you are attending an eligible teacher preparation program and demonstrate financial need, you may qualify for up to $6000 per year toward your tuition. Funds are dispersed through teacher prep programs.

Teacher Loan-For-Service Program

The purpose is to proactively address New Mexicoís teacher shortage by providing students with the financial resources to complete or enhance their post-secondary teacher preparation education. Acceptance into a teacher prep program at a New Mexico public college or university is required and awardees must be enrolled at least half time.

Federal TEACH grant

The TEACH Grant Program provides grants of up to $4,000 a year to students who are completing or plan to complete coursework needed to begin a career in teaching. A Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant is different from other federal student grants because it requires you agree to complete a teaching service obligation as a condition for receiving the grant, and if you don’t complete the service obligation, the TEACH Grant will be converted to a loan that you must repay, with interest.

National Board Certification Scholarships and Stipends

The State of New Mexico offers limited scholarships for qualified teachers to pursue their National Board Certification. Teachers who are National Board certified can obtain Level 3 Certification in New Mexico and receive an annual stipend, above and beyond their salary, of approximately $6500.